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Andrew Murphy

MMIS BMedImagingSc RT(R)

Andrew is a radiographer at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane, Australia. He holds a master’s degree in Medical Imaging Science specialising in radiographic image interpretation and a passion for teaching, currently creating radiographic image interpretation pathways for a wide audience of health care professionals.

Andrew works closely with both the Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy (ASMIRT) and the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT) to advance the profile of the radiography profession.

He is currently an associate editor of the Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences and advises for the artificial intelligence council of the CAMRT Professional Practices Advisory Council.

No pharmaceutical or medical device conflict of interest

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Question 40

In which order do the ossification centers of the elbow appear? 


Question 41

What is the K-shell binding energy  (K-edge) of iodinated contrast?


Question 42

Which of the following joints is most frequently dislocated?


Question 43

What is the eponymous name of a fracture of the ulnar shaft with associated dislocation of the radial head?


Question 44

The hamate articulates with which three carpal bones?


Question 54

The femoral triangle is bounded by the following anatomical structures EXCEPT...


Question 67

To achieve superimposition of the femoral condyles, the radiographer will need to...


Question 81

Extradural hematomas are most commonly encountered in the... 


Question 82

A flail chest is radiologically defined as...


Question 83

In MR spectroscopy lactate will resonate at...


Question 84

In MR spectroscopy choline resonate at:


Question 85

In MR spectroscopy myo-inositol will resonate at...


Question 101

The typical enhancement pattern of delayed-phased images of a multiphase CT hepatic hemangioma is...


Question 102

A plain AP odontoid view of the cervical spine showing asymmetry and displacement of the lateral masses away from the odontoid peg is typically indicative of a...


Question 107

An open book fracture of the pelvis is typically the result of which high-energy blunt force trauma?


Question 108

A Malgaigne fracture of the pelvis is typically the result of which traumatic mechanism?


Question 109

An acromioclavicular injury in which the clavicle is elevated above the superior border of the acromion, but coracoclavicular distance is less than twice the normal distance, falls into which grade on the Rockwood classification?


Question 110

Segond fractures are frequently associated with disruption of...


Question 111

The second most commonly fractured carpal bone is...


Question 112

A fracture that passes across most of the growth plate and up through the metaphysis is a Salter-Harris type...

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